About Me


Welcome to A Southern Thing

Hi, I’m Amy!  I am from a small town in Louisiana where I grew up surrounded by only boys! Luckily, I did have one girl who lived down the street from me, who was very best friend from as far back as I can remember.  We lived on what I guess you would call family land, my grandparents had their house on top of a hill and my uncle had his house on one side of theirs and we had our house on the other side.  Every Sunday after church we all ate lunch at my grandparents house, I don’t think I’ll ever eat a meal as good as those meals were and I’m sure the memories are what makes me think that even though my grandmother was a wonderful cook.

I don’t know how I managed to stay so “girly” surrounded by two brothers and two boy cousins, I guess I just always had an infatuation with makeup, hair and fashion there was nothing that could change that.

Years later, I attended and graduated from cosmetology school and have been able to work in an industry I absolutely love.  I love learning new things about makeup, hair and fashion because it is always changing and I love passing along any information and tips to anyone that is interested, including where I found that cute outfit or shoes that are on sale or the best new trick I’ve found for disguising under eye circles and lines. I loved doing this before I started A Southern Thing and my love for sharing this information is what lead to its beginning.

I now live in a bigger small town in Louisiana that I love with my husband and 3 children, although they aren’t really children anymore.  My oldest, Clay is a senior at Louisiana Tech majoring in Finance where he will graduate in August and is already working on his MBA.  My daughter, Gracie Claire, is a freshman at Louisiana Tech majoring in nursing and my baby, Camille is a freshman in high school.