Life Something New May 10, 2019

This is the what was the “den”. We have been working on this area and have taken out the wall that has the bookcase on it to open up what was both the “den” and “formal living room” into one big room.

This is just a peek at the wall the fireplace is on, the room is not finished yet but this gives an idea of where we are going with it. Please excuse the cords and tv

We have been extremely busy this past month! Two years ago we moved into town (which we love) and into a house in a beautiful neighborhood, which I absolutely adored but my husband was pretty unsure of. He liked the neighborhood, he didn’t like the fact that he had a pretty small yard. We both grew up in houses out in the country with a lot of land around us, and while I am ok with a small yard, it just wasn’t what my husband needed. He’s an outdoors kind of guy and always has some type of project going and also has a lot of outdoor “toys”. So, we found a house in town that has several acres with it (which my husband and dog love). We really love the house but it needs a lot of updating, that is what we have been so busy working on lately. I’ll be honest, it feels like living in a house while it is being built around you!!

It is fun and satisfying to see the changes come to life and pick out things exactly how you want them, it can at times also become a little overwhelming! There are so many beautiful choices for everything now days, it becomes hard and confusing at times. My front door is area where I am still a little stuck, I research colors and undertones everyday, as crazy as that sounds.

This is a faux brick wall that I have been working on, it’s kind of hard to tell where this wall is just by the picture but its around the opening to the entryway and the wall space we removed where the bookshelf was.

The living room has been the first remodel for us, it’s not completed yet but it is coming along. This house had many separate rooms, like most houses used to, a formal living room, a den, a formal dining room, a breakfast and kitchen. We have been reconstructing this to make a more open floor plan. There are still many things that I think I have decided on but then find myself changing my mind the very next day. I’m very open to any great ideas or blogs or accounts I should follow for inspiration.

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