Beauty Aging In A World Obsessed With Visual Beauty January 16, 2019

We live in a culture where the fountain of youth is promised and sold to us almost everywhere we look. There are remedies promised to us in every form and fashion that we can ever imagine wanting, and we all want it! Though it is true, most of us are taught from a very early age about loving people for who they are and that true beauty comes from within, outer beauty will fade and hopefully we all know this is true. I don’t think it is other people’s beauty that we worry about so much it is our own. We live in a world where we want to improve ourselves in anyway we can, after all beauty is what sells. In a world where we depend so much on electronics for communication such as social media for advertising and connecting with people the world has become a very visual place. What we see is what we want.

There is no better time than the carefree freedom of our youth. We never think these fun days are going to end but they do and you find yourself a mom with a few little ones and maybe not as much time just for yourself but that’s ok! Every stage in life should be celebrated and looked forward to. Yes, along with these advanced stages come a few more lines here and there but aging should be celebrated not viewed as an affliction. Please don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love botox and fillers and see nothing wrong with getting these but I also think that somewhere along the way too much pressure has been put on woman to look a certain way and it has made aging come with bitterness.

Honestly, everyone hates accepting that their looks are changing but it happens to all of us. If we look in the mirror and only see what we have lost or the new lines that have appeared we are only seeing part of our picture and the worst side of it, Instead of still wanting to look like you’re 20 think about how great and healthy you look for the age you are. Don’t concentrate on your frown lines be proud of your laugh lines! Aging is going to happen whether we want it to or not, so find something to be proud of about it, be proud you have had so many happy moments to laugh that you actually have laugh lines.

Take great care of yourself and appreciate every stage of life you are in. Find a good skincare routine that works for you, there are many makeup tricks for all ages and there is nothing wrong with a little botox. Just don’t try to compare yourself to all of the woman several decades younger in advertisements that are photo shopped and airbrushed or in real life! Be the best you at your age! A woman is beautiful and appreciated at all ages.

Remember, who do we turn to when we need comfort or we feel alone or when we just need someone to be there? We want the woman with experience, knowledge, the woman who can teach us and who knows how to offer comfort. That comes from experience and aging gracefully. I loved my life when I was in my twenties and thirties and my children were small but now that my children are grown and almost grown I do look forward to the future when they will marry and I will one day become a grandmother and life (hopefully) slows down just a little. I look forward to baking cookies and playing and reading and all of the fun stuff that stage of life will bring. Do I plan on wearing sensible shoes and having a roller set in my hair once a week? NO! But, I also don’t plan on looking like I’m in my twenties or thirties either, oh that would be great if it was possible but I’m not crazy so I plan on just trying to stay healthy and hopefully look the best I can in my fifties and my heels. After all, we don’t have to give up anything either.

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