Holidays Gifts For The Beauty Lover December 12, 2018

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I am a total beauty product junkie!! I love trying new products of all types but I do have to be a little careful with some because my allergies are so bad. I have been battling first blisters around my eye and nose and just extreme dry red patches on and around my eye and nose. I’m only able to use Cetaphil cleanser and cream at the moment along with a prescription cream, so trying and using new face and eye creams has been put on hold for a while. 

I have put together some beauty products and items that I either have or are on my list to try. If I put a product on my list to try I have usually watched several YouTubers talk and do demonstrations about how good it is. I wouldn’t put a product on a list if I didn’t either know from experience or believe from research that it is good. 

All of the products in the bottom section, the Clearisonic, the Foreo, the T3 curling irons, the Purity bath and body, the slip eye mask, the YSL perfume, and the Valentino Donna perfume I have and love every single one! I wouldn’t hesitate to purchase these again. I wanted to point these out because they are a little higher priced and I wouldn’t put anything at a higher price point on here without first hand experience about how good it is. I also want to mention the perfume sample that Sephora offers, this is a great deal! You get a box full of samples along with a coupon for a full size bottle of perfume so the person that you gift the samples to can choose the perfume they like and redeem a full size with the voucher.

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