Holidays My Wish List December 10, 2018

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Today I decided to put up a few things that I really like. My husband might actually see them but in all honesty I doubt he will remember anything if he does look LOL.  He likes to pick out stuff on his own (he really just calls a shop the day before Christmas Eve and ask them to wrap some things that I will like) but it all turns out great! 🙂 So, I usually end up buying myself things on my wish list or I just wish for it LOL.  These are really all things that I think are super cute and could be worn and used a lot, maybe not the sequin pants but they are really cute!! I love them paired with a t-shirt  and casual shoes or a dressy shirt and heels either way it’s a really cute look that we are seeing everywhere this season! I put two pair of Ugg house shoes on my list and I honestly would be happy to get both! I have a pair now and I literally wear them all day everyday (unless I go out of course). 

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