Holidays Gift Guide For Gifts Under $50 December 9, 2018


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I’ve put together a few cute little gifts that are all under $50! Sometimes looking for gifts especially when we have so many people to shop for we can become some what overwhelmed. I can anyway! I depend on list for everything, especially during the months of November and December. At times I literally have so many things on my mind I can look up and not even have a clue what am supposed to be looking for! As soon as I think of something I need or see something I need to pick up I have to write it down immediately!

I love finding these types of gift guides and I use them all the time. I can’t begin to tell you how many times these types of guides have helped me find gifts for people. When I feel overwhelmed and feel like I have too much going on or too much to get done these guides have felt like life savers for me, so I hope you find this one helpful as well. 

Bella wanted to be in the pictures so bad! She wouldn’t cooperate with in a picture me but was perfect alone!
And another! I need to wrap some presents!! LOL I will be busy this week
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