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I think Christmas pajamas are my favorite thing!! Well, at least one of my favorite things! Every year for as long as I can remember buying Christmas pajamas for my kids and myself and pajama pants for my husband has been one of the main things that I look forward to. As you can imagine, over the years we have accumulated quite a collection so several years ago I started a “thing” that has become a tradition that my kids love. Each of the kids has a box that I add things to throughout the month of December including their pajamas and usually a movie, just fun little stuff that pick up. I give these boxes to them on Christmas Eve night when we get home from church. Since my kids are grown are really didn’t expect them to like these boxes as much as they do but this is one of their favorite things that we do. I’ll post below some of the things that I include.

These are just some samples of the types of things I pick up when I’m out to go in their boxes. I do like to fill it with cute little things that I know they will like and use and nothing expensive (minus the pajamas) in the boxes, only fun. I will usually put a Starbucks gift card or some other gift card to a place they like in their box along with hot chocolate mix and maybe cookies. I know I put mostly stuff for girls here, I just have more access to it than I do to the things my guys like. I usually stick to things my son needs for hunting or a trip he is going on after Christmas. He loves to read so Amazon gift cards are really great for him along with cute socks and boxers.

This is also the time of year that I love comfy cozy outfits when I’m at home. I love dressing up but if I get dressed to go somewhere as soon as I get home, as long as we aren’t having company, I immediately change into something very comfortable. I do love my Christmas shirts and pajama pants though, so chances are I’m normally wearing something like these outfits pictured above every day. I’m calling them outfits because I wear them everyday this time of year and it just sounds better than calling them pajamas. They seem and feel perfect for wrapping gifts, decorating, cleaning and baking.

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