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 All of this cold weather we’ve been having has had me wanting to stay in cozy warm clothes all day in front of a fire. I love the holidays especially when the weather is appropriate. The is nothing more inviting and homey feeling to me than a warm house decorated for the holidays and if you’re at my house then you’ll find Christmas movies on the TV all season.

Most of the items that I’ve put together here are things that I have myself and/or have given as gifts. I’ll just quickly give you my thoughts on why I love these products.

Ugg Slippers I bought my first pair last year right before Christmas and they were so comfortable and warm that I ended up buying all members of my family a pair and even the men still love them.

Ugg Socks My feet are always freezing so I do invest in socks and slippers. I also never wear shoes inside my house so I get a lot of wear of them. Ugg socks are definitely some of the softest most comfortable.

Short Pajamas Make + Model pajamas are some of my favorite pajamas, I don’t have this exact pair but I have others by this brand that I love and I thought these were really cute.

Victoria’s Secret Pajamas This is a fun yearly thing that my girls and I look forward to every year! Ever since they’ve been big enough to wear these pajamas we’ve gone together after Thanksgiving and each bought a pair of these cute pj’s. I also give these a lot as gifts.

Victoria’s Secret Long Robe and Victoria’s Secret Short Robe I love these robes. I have had several myself and I’ve gotten several for my daughters. They are really soft and almost feel like a blanket that’s not bulky.

Topshop Fluffy Robe I bought one of these last year for one of my daughters and it is the softest robe.

Lemon Fur Trimmed Socks I love these!! I think I first discovered these 2 or 3 years ago and if you love something soft and warm on your feet you’ll love these.

Slip Silk Pillow Case I know the price on these pillow cases seems really high but once you try one you will believe it’s worth every cent! They don’t get hot like a lot of pillow cases do and they are beneficial to your skin and hair.

Open Front Sherpa Sweater I really like these sweaters a lot. Sometimes when I’m home if I get cool inside I like to wear these and even at night if I don’t want a full robe.

Cozy Jogger Pants This is the kind of stuff I live in on days when I’m at home and I like for them to be really soft. These are a brushed knit fabric that is very soft and trust me you’ll want to put these on every evening as soon as you get home.

Fleece Lounge PJ set I love to give this type of set as a gift at Christmas, I also love them for myself. I mean everyone loves to have those clothes just for lounging around the house in.

Barefoot Dreams Throw Every member in my family loves to have a blanket when we are lounging around in the living room watching TV in the evenings. Barefoot Dreams has some of the softest blankets you will find, they can be a little pricey but I find that Nordstrom Rack has them most of the time at a discounted price.

Oh Deer Pajama Set Another pajama set! I love all of the cute pajamas during the holidays and they make cute gifts for friends or any type of gift swap you might have.

Homesick Holiday Candle Everyone loves the smell of the holidays! Candles are another great thing that makes your home feel and smell just a little more homey during the holidays. Candles are also a go to for me as a gift.

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