Beauty Holiday Kisses November 8, 2018

LipSense provided by Jennifer Hardin of Cottenbelles

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Any color lipstick is really ok to wear during the holidays, but when it comes to special events during the holiday season most of us want a little something special and different.  The cosmetic world has really been smart during the holidays by capitalizing with really cute names for their products, throw in candy cane, ginger bread, snowflake, and other sweet names that we can relate to a cozy holiday and we are drawn right to it (not to mention most of the times the colors are really pretty!) I love all of the really cute holiday cosmetic products that are released every year but I think the lipsticks are my favorite.

I’m not going to lie, I love everything about the holidays. EVERYTHING! My kids are older now so some of the excitement that the we had when they were little has been replaced with other new fun things. We have traditions that we follow every year and we all love them. There are things at times that I think would be fun, like maybe a holiday trip but my kids are very much the traditionalist and want to stick to tradition. I guess I’m kind of like that with my red lipstick too.

Anyway, I got a little off track but during the upcoming events I’m out a lot doing different things and lipstick is a big deal to me and not something I want to have to worry about reapplying when I’m busy or in a hurry. LipSense has become my favorite brand to rely on during these times because I know that once I apply it I won’t have to worry about rechecking it constantly or it coming off every time I grab a drink. LipSense offers a great range of colors to choose from, so there is one for everyone. I have several favorites but at the moment I am absolutely loving the new Hurricane Red. It is the perfect red for fall and for the holidays! I have worn this color to the last several events that I have attended and it has stayed on perfectly, even during the all day events I never had to worry with reapplying once. A few weeks ago I had three things going on in one day, unfortunately I could only attend two but this took up my entire day and my LipSense lasted all day thank goodness since I didn’t have time to worry about reapplying anything that day.

LipSense has some beautiful fall colors right now that I am just dying to try. Click on any picture to be directed to Cottonbelles where you can check them out.


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