Beauty New Beauty Sponge October 21, 2018

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On Saturday while I was in the process of getting ready for all of the many things I had going on and also getting my youngest daughter ready for homecoming my beauty sponge went missing. Literally MIA! It was on my vanity one minute the next second I went to pick it up it was NO WHERE! I looked everywhere in my bathroom still thinking I was just in such a hurry I was overlooking it. I mean nothing just disappears! I looked in drawers, I looked under everything, on the floor, no where! So, I went on and got dressed without my favorite beauty sponge. I had finally gotten this beauty sponge after being on a wait list with Sigma Beauty for what seemed like forever! I had wanted the Sigma Beauty 3DHD Blender for what seemed like the longest time when it first came out and I finally got it. In all honestly I had had it for a long time but I wash my beauty sponge everyday so it was not in bad condition but it was it was getting close to time to replace it.

I walked out of my bathroom into the kitchen and living room and found my beauty sponge! My dog, Bella who likes attention and is insulted when there isn’t time to devote to her has a habit of finding something to entertain herself when she is being ignored. The entertainment for Saturday morning was my beauty sponge! There it was in the floor in a million little pink chewed up pieces!!

A few days before this I had watched a makeup video that Emily Gemma had done on a trip she had taken and she was using this “different” looking beauty sponge and I was interested in it, so after looking around a little bit I found the beauty sponge and decided that this is the one that I would try next, since I’m in need of one! This sponge says it gives a smooth finish and that you can use it either wet or dry (I really like that part). So, while I am waiting for my new beauty sponge to come in I decided to link it in case you want to try it too, or in case you are in need of one like I am.

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