Fashion Dump the Frump September 27, 2018

Dress to express your identity and feel good for the occasion.

Attitude is everything. Have fun with clothing. It’s not a test.

How do I dress my age without looking frumpy? This question seems to pop up on us out of nowhere with no thought. It seems like one day you’re looking at clothes and you just seem to think “that is so cute, but would it look ridiculous on me at my age?” No one wants to look ridiculous but we also still want to be able to wear cute, stylish clothes that don’t make us look like we are tying to dress like a twenty year old or that make us look and feel a decade or two older than we are.

Fashion is fashion and one important thing about it is knowing how to use it correctly and make sure you don’t get used by it! This can happen very easily and very quickly before we even realize what is going on, trends come and go and one thing that is sometimes hard to remember is that our age does too. Now that’s not to say there are not exceptions to everything, there are some women I know who can carry off anything and look absolutely stunning! My grandmother used to say “some people can wear a paper bag and make it look cute,” that’s true some women just have that ability but then………………………..

Designers made different styles and cuts of clothing for a reason. Not all of us are made the same, yes some women at forty-five can still dress in the same trends that the twenty year old’s dress in, but most of us can’t really pull that off without looking, well, like our outfit is just way too young for us. One important thing that will always hold true and help, regardless of the age you are, is to shop more for style instead of only shopping for fashion. There is a big difference between being stylish and fashionable, I like to think of Jackie Kennedy Onassis, she has always been my favorite when it comes to style. I have seen pictures of her in outfits that range from suits and dresses to shorts with white sleeveless button up shirts that would still look perfect today (updated shoes and purses and no hats, of course). Style remains relevant for decades and gives us a desire to recreate it. It also has a way of blending seamlessly into our closet and last year after year. Fashion is what is in at the moment, the trend, it usually only last a year or two. Think classic with a little twist of fun! Fashion trends make great accessories or maybe a few pieces of clothing while stylish clothes are best for your core wardrobe pieces.

Whatever your age, looking stylish requires a certain amount of letting go of things. This is tough! Try not to look at it as losing something but making room for something and simplifying things. Make sure the fit and style works for you, if you feel good in your clothes, you will look good! Let go of the things that don’t fit right, if it is way too flowy and looks like a tent it’s not attractive. If you like loose, blousy tops try pairing them with tighter fitting bottoms like, leggings or skinny jeans or if you like loose, flowy bottoms pair them with a more fitted top that way your clothes aren’t wearing you.Great rule is, only wear one voluminous piece of clothing at a time. Wearing clothes that do not touch you anywhere can make you look dowdy and older than you are very quickly, think of grandma in her house dress that zips up the front. I love grandma but I’m not quite ready to dress like her yet and I bet you aren’t either.







Avoid tops that are boxy and fussy, these do not flatter and go straight into the frumpy category along with the mom jeans. Jeans that are too distressed or ripped up also fall into this category, it’s ok to be on trend but you still want to look classy. Leave the low-cut jeans for the really young girls unless you just love them (I don’t!)

Mom Jeans – I don’t know how in any decade these were ok
much better and not too low-cut








Wearing clothes that are associated with old age. The danger list includes…

    • Cardigans — unless in contemporary styles
    • Pleated skirts
    • Peter Pan collars
    • Blouses buttoned right up
    • Lace collars
    • Small floral prints — unless in contemporary styles
    • Long skirts

& Elastic waists

whatever your age: dress in contemporary styles that fit and flatter your body shape, coloring, personality and lifestyle

*Being stylish doesn’t mean your clothing and accessories have to be expensive. There are a ton of very stylish people who don’t buy expensive clothes but they know how to dress for their shape and they have the most important thing of all CONFIDENCE 

I like to go by the rule of buying high-end pieces of clothing that are the stylish pieces. I know if I buy a nice white button down shirt I am going to get wear out of it for several years so I don’t mind spending more money on this piece of clothing to make sure I am getting a nice quality fabric that will last, won’t wrinkle, and the feel of fabric very important to me. I feel the same way about a great fitting pair of dark rinse jeans, make sure the pockets are placed correctly and the stitching is not too much and these will look great enough to dress up.

Always make sure your clothes and shoes are clean and wrinkle free

An old outdated pair of shoes can ruin your look and add to the frumpiness category very quickly. I love shoes (probably one of my favorite things), but over the past few years I have decided if they aren’t comfortable I am not wearing them! I am not ready to give up cute shoes in exchange for orthopedic shoes though, I’ve just learned to shop for cute shoes that do not kill my feet. Honestly, even orthopedic shoe designers are now making shoes that look very stylish, just don’t pair your shoes with sheer black pantyhose.

You don’t have to give up comfort to be stylish

The wipe-off, slash-proof vinyl bag in bone or black – it automatically adds ten years to your look. Bags don’t have to be designer or expensive to be stylish, almost every designer bag has a dupe that can be found. Look for contemporary shapes and quality materials when shopping for handbags. The variety to choose from is very broad.










Nothing will age you as fast as looking like you just don’t care. Keep your hair up to date with a current style and if you are going gray and do not want your hair gray make sure you keep your color fresh. Another option to help with the new growth of gray hair is to get highlights, they help to blend the color a little better. Going a shade or two lighter around your face will also help along with layers for added volume. Don’t let people tell you that you need to cut your long hair at a certain age, as long as you keep it trimmed into a style and not just outgrown it can work. I have plenty of friends my age and older with longer hair and they look beautiful.

Knowing what colors work best for your skin tone is also key in not adding extra unwanted years to your look 

Below are the colors that the Pantone Color Institute has created for the  Pantone Fashion Color Trend Report for Fall/Winter 2018. These were the top colors highlighted by fashion designers showing at New York Fashion Week. Some of the colors will come as no surprise since we have seen them around in the past but there are a few that were a little surprising and new.

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