Fashion Make Fashion Trends Simple September 19, 2018


Trends come and go, most of the time pretty quickly so it’s not always wise to invest a lot of money in these unless you’re sure they’re going to be around for several years. One of the many trends I keep seeing this year is camouflage and I am assured again and again by my confidence in InStyle Magazine and Vogue among others that this trend will be very popular this fall and winter just as the last couple of years have seen.

I wore my camouflage pants yesterday and although that is only camouflage I had on it really got me thinking about how easy it is to “over do” a trend. As soon as a trend takes off you can find everything and anything in relation to that trend (I am using camouflage as an example here) not only is it easy to find camouflage clothing but you can find earrings, necklaces, shoes, purses, you name it and you can most likely find it somewhere. These pieces are very cute worn as accent pieces to other clothing or even a few accessories together is ok but going all out full clothing and all accessories and shoes at the same time is a little much (even in the South, unless you’re headed to the hunting camp).

I love mixing fall colors with one piece of camouflage during the fall, like khaki, black, mustard yellow, and burnt orange. Those are a few that in my opinion look great with it along with earth or natural tones in makeup. The choices can be endless though as far as mixing colors with camouflage, it does seem to be a very color friendly pattern.

With trendy things, a lot of times less is more or simple is best. Always remember though, fashion is a personal choice and always wear it the way you feel the most comfortable, that’s the most important thing!

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