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I love to try new products and I’m especially always on the lookout for a full coverage foundation to cover my melasma and make my skin tone and texture look even. So far that has been a battle! I can find foundations with great coverage and they are all buildable so I am able to cover it but what I have not been able to do is make my skin look even all over. This struggle has been so hard so I finally started doing some research (aka YouTube) and Estee Lauder Maximum Cover Camouflage Foundation is what I found. I have used the original Estee Lauder Double Wear Liquid Foundation in the past and it is one of my favorites but didn’t give me the exact results I needed for my melasma; but both of my daughters still use the original Estee Lauder Double Wear and love it and it looks beautiful on their skin. I have been wanting to try the Double Wear Maximum Coverage for a while now but it is not carried in any of the stores around here that carry Estee Lauder so I was a little afraid to guess on a color and order it since they only offer 6 colors. This past weekend I was in Dallas and decided to buy some since I could actually look at the colors and figure out which one I needed and I am so glad that I did! I didn’t have to build it up to cover any dark spots just a small amount covered perfectly and my skin tone and texture has not looked that even in a very long time. This is the best full coverage makeup for covering skin discoloration and giving your skin a very even smooth look if the texture and skin tone is not even. Over the past year I have used the Sigma Beauty F80 Foundation Brush I have several foundation brushes but I always end up using this one and a beauty blender for concealer.

I have finally decided I am going to have to have a laser treatment done to even out my skin tone and texture but I am going to wait until it cools off and I don’t have anything coming up that I have to go to since I’m told you look pretty rough for a few days afterward.

I may have mentioned the Maybelline Fit Me loose powder in a previous post but anyway this is still by far my favorite powder! During one month this summer I was on the search for a powder that did something, I’m not exactly sure what I was looking for but I knew I hadn’t found it. The powder problem I was having could have been caused by using so many color correcting concealers under my foundation while trying to cover my melasma (don’t misunderstand these color correctors are great and I love them, I just believe I was using too much). Anyway, I tried about ten different powders including illuminating powders, some I liked but they still didn’t work like I needed a powder to work. I kept seeing the Maybelline Fit Me powder on YouTube and it was compared by one makeup artist as working just like the Chanel loose powder she had that she used on her brides. She even said that from now on she will not purchase the Chanel anymore and just use the Maybelline Fit Me, I thought then that this stuff must be really good. First I bought some for my fifteen year old daughter because if she gives it an ok it must be great! After she used it the first time she told me that this is the best powder she has ever used, so I bought some and agreed 100% with her.

I was taught at a very early age about skin care, I think I actually had a fear of sleeping in makeup when I was young (now too.) I remember my college roommate telling me that she had gotten so much better about taking her makeup off at night since I was so good about it, I really didn’t know that many people actually slept in their makeup. This too is an area I’m always up for trying new products in, new products come out all the time and products improve all the time. One thing I learned in cosmetology school is that when you stop learning it’s time to get out of the beauty business. This is because things in this industry change all time. I received a jar of Perricone MD vitamin C photo brightening moisturizer from influenster in exchange for my review. I wanted to use this for a little while before giving any type of review on it because I just don’t believe you can get immediate results from a product (unless it’s very strong and for a specific purpose)  After using this for two weeks I think this is a very good product, I don’t see a lot of products that can actually help the look of the deep lines between my eyebrows but I have been able to see an improvement with those lines and other issues after using this product for two weeks. I’m anxious to see results after a full month of use. Right before I received an email telling me that I was receiving the Perricone MD moisturizer I ordered some skin care products from Saturday Skin, I really didn’t know anything about this brand only what I had read from reviews which were good. I have only used these products a few times not really enough to know if they will make a difference in my skin because I am using the Perricone MD at the moment. What I do know is that my skin feels wonderful when I have used these products and I think they will be keepers. I know I’ve talked about Ole Henriksen Banana Bright Eye Cream I have used this stuff for a good while now and I haven’t found an eye cream that I have like better than this one. If you are needed good moisture around your eye area and a little brightening up too this is the eye cream to try. Kopari has some wonderful products that I just love but one that I use daily in my makeup routine is the Coconut Rose Toner Spray this is a multipurpose use product and can be used for many things I have been using it for a setting spray and I just love it. It just kind of brings everything together once you have your makeup on. I also use it a toner and spray my face at night right after cleaning it really good. I have had my bottle for several months and it is still at least half full so this stuff will last a long time and it only takes one or two pumps each time you use it.

The Foreo I received this in my summer FabFitFun Box this thing is so neat, it has an app for your iPhone and you hold the sensors to different places on your face and it will let you know your hydration level! I also just love the way it cleans my face, the little bristles are not harsh at all but you can see that really do a good job and it’s also waterproof. If you aren’t getting the FabFitFun Box you should really look at it, the box is $50 every three months (you get it 4 times a year, each season) and the products well out value what you pay for the box. The Foreo for example cost $89 and that was only one product in the box. I have never been disappointed in this box at all.

Dr Brandt eye de puffing gel – I have tried all kinds of undereye tricks and one of my favorite is still jojoba oil to stop concealer from creasing but this eye de puffing gel is used more like an undereye primer and color corrector in one. It has a very light peach tint to it and only takes the tiniest bit under both eyes, if you use very much you will end up with a flaky built up look once you apply your foundation so just apply it to your finger tip and rub your finger tips together to warm and soften the product and then dab under the eye. I have more of sunken hollows under my eyes so I always apply it below the line of where my undereye looks sunken in and I if I forget or skip this step I can see a difference. Urban Decay Anti-Aging Eyeshadow Primer has been the only eyeshadow primer I’ve tried for several years, while it is true I do love trying out new products I have not heard or seen another eyeshadow primer that is reported to be as good as this one, if I hear of one I’ll be happy to try it.

As far as eyeshadow palettes, I have so many that I really love but my most used are probably The Jaclyn Hill Palette and the Morphe 39A Dare to Create Palette. They have almost every color that you could want and the pigmentation in the colors is great. I love Urban Decay 24/7 eyeliner pencil they go on very smooth and easy with no tugging at all. My go to mascara is Loreal Voluminous Lash Paradise this mascara is so good and for the cost you can’t beat it. Maybelline EyeStudio Brow Pencil is something I tried just to test and I found that it worked very good, as a matter of fact I’ve been using it ever since and I’m on my second pencil now. I did put the Morphe X Jaclyn Hill Dark Magic Eyeshadow Palette in the picture but I have not tried it yet, I put it on here because I have seen such mixed reviews about it, so when I was in Ulta last weekend I swatched the colors and they were very pigmented and seemed very smooth. I do plan to purchase this palette.

Hourglass Women’s Ambient Lighting Blush is so pretty! It is just soft enough not to look overbearing but also pigmented enough that you can see it. Not only does Hourglass have beautiful blushes I absolutely love their Ambient Lighting Powder! Nars Satin Lip Pencils have a very pretty look to them either worn alone as a lighter color or over a matte lipstick for a more satin look. I have the color Rikugien and it is very pretty it is a somewhat pink/dark coral color and I like wearing it both, alone and over a lipstick that I have.

Slip Pure Silk Pillowcase I got one of these last year after I had put it off for a while because of the price but I happened to find it on sale (the Nordstom Anniversary Sale I believe) and I gave in and bought it. Let me tell you, it is definitely worth it!! Once you get one of these pillow cases you won’t want to sleep on anything else, the silk unlike satin stays cool and that alone makes it a winner for me but it is very good for your skin and hair since it is so smooth. I bought one for my mom for Christmas and at first I think she was astonished that I would pay that much for a pillow case until she used it and now she even travels with it!





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