Life An End, A New Beginning and Many New Journeys August 26, 2018



This summer has been one of the busiest that I can remember having in a long time! That really should be surprising since this is the first summer in years that we haven’t taken any vacations or quick trips anywhere. We all love to travel, really almost anywhere and see new things but the beach is always a favorite of ours for the summer. Now that my kids are older you’d think that going places and planning things would become easier but for some reason the older they get the busier they get, which also means you get busy too. It does seem like this summer seemed to be the time that all of us decided to try something new or complete a goal that had been set.

I’ll start with the proudest moment. My oldest and only son, Clay graduated from Louisiana Tech University with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Finance. He has worked very hard and set goals for himself that he has made his focus, he graduated in just three years with a 3.4 GPA (yes, just 1/2 point from cum laude) while also serving as his fraternities commander! He is already enrolled in the Master’s program and working on his MBA. I hope he knows how much I admire him and how proud I am of him.


My oldest daughter, Gracie Claire finished her first year of college and while she loved attending Louisiana Tech and belonging to Phi Mu she just could not find her niche while there. She did very well and I am very proud of her for trying so hard for an entire year but when she finished classes in the spring she talked to her Dad and me and told us she really wanted to go to cosmetology school. This really didn’t surprise me since this is something that she has talked about off and on all throughout high school and while attending college. I have no doubt at all that she will thrive in this profession, she loves makeup and learning anything about hair and it seems to come naturally to her. I think every extracurricular activity she ever chose to do from the time she was four years old until now has required at least two hours of hair and makeup before performing, so she has been around lots of bright lipstick and hairspray her entire life. So her summer consisted of her beginning school for her new career path.

 And our baby of the group, Camille, she is 15 which doesn’t seem possible and is extremely busy by doing all of the fun things that we all look back on and remember so fondly from high school! I really think she was probably gone the most this summer even though it was just to hang out with friends and shop and go eat or ride around. She is in the tenth grade and misses absolutely nothing happening at the school or around town. Drivers Ed is the big deal at the moment and for her shopping for a car (her dad and I haven’t gotten to that point yet) LOL


Last, my husband and I both took a real estate course this summer. This sounds fun, and it is, but there is so much to it that unless you take it or know someone in real estate I don’t think you would ever imagine.

That just kind of sums up our summer and why we’ve been so busy! I am truly ready for that vacation that I missed now!! I am not even picky about where I go, I’m just ready to relax and have fun!

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