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Most woman will agree, when it comes to our hair, it can either make or break our mood for the day! Thank goodness for ponytails, braids, and top buns (even messy) being in style these days. Some people may take what I’m saying or about to say the wrong way, of course our hair and makeup or even clothes are not the most important things in life, we all know that but I grew up being told to always take pride in the way you present yourself and I hear myself telling that to my family all the time. To some women makeup and having your hair fixed all the time isn’t a big deal and that is perfectly fine, but to other women, it is very important and that also is perfectly fine. I will always remember my grandmother telling me “at least put on some lipstick if you are leaving the house!” and by lipstick of course she meant red. That makes me think of an event in my life that happened 17 years ago, my grandfather had suffered from Alzheimer’s for close to 20 years and after that awful battle he passed away during the night, I had already come home after being with him all day when my aunt called to tell me, but not only had my grandfather passed away but my grandmother had passed out within minutes of him passing away. I picked up my youngest brother and went straight to the hospital where they told us that she had suffered a bleed in her brain and she would never wake up, and they were transferring her to a larger hospital in a neighboring city. You can imagine the shock we experienced. I remember being sick that entire night when I left the hospital and came home but I stayed awake all night praying, that was the only thing I could do  The next morning I was ready to go back to the hospital, still feeling sick and I was about to go looking exactly the way I felt, no makeup, my hair a mess no telling what I had on when suddenly I realized this is the woman who always told me to always take pride in yourself so I put on my makeup, fixed my hair, and put on a nice outfit. To our surprise and the doctors she had woke up during the early morning hours and was responding to voice commands! Long story but I always remember it when I think of her telling us to take pride in ourselves and how we look.

Trips to the beauty salon are fun and important to keep your hair looking it’s best, you need regular cuts or trims just to keep your hair looking healthy and for your style to keep its shape. This is very important if you want your hair to look good, you also need to pamper and baby it if you use a lot of heat or products on it. Heat and some products can be very drying to your hair, some products can also leave a build up on your hair that will cause it to look very dull. All of this makes it important to deep cleanse your hair about once a month to remove any product build up and also to use a conditioning treatment or mask on your hair, the amount your hair needs a conditioning treatment depends a lot on your hair and how often you use heat on it, in example blowdrying, curling iron, straightening iron, etc.

Being a cosmetologist and working in the hair industry for over 20 years I do think it is very important to go to a professional for any type of color treatment but I have found just 1 exception to that rule. My hair grows pretty fast and has some very stubborn gray that I am just ready to show, I like my color scheme that I have and if your hair color changes then all of the colors that you loved with your previous hair color probably won’t work as well with your new color. I felt like I was in need of going to the salon for my hair stylist to color my hair constantly because of my new growth, it not only takes up a lot time but it is expensive if you go that often. Not long ago I came across a professional hair color brand named Madison Reed I read up on this company and really liked what I read. They have a system on their website that ask you questions about your hair and what are wanting to accomplish or change about your hair this system will lead you to the best selections for what you are looking for. You have an option of buying the color kit one time or if you are like me and know you will need to cover your gray at least every 4 weeks you can choose to have it automatically shipped to you on your selection of how often. They also have an option to communicate with a representative online if you have any questions.

Madison Reed offers a large range of options so I definitely recommend checking them out, but if you are looking to make a big or drastic change to your hair or if your hair is damaged as a hair stylist I do recommend a visit to your favorite salon.


I also have to throw in that my oldest daughter just started cosmetology school this week at the same school that I graduated from many many years ago!


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