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Several years ago I used LipSense probably everyday and I think I owned almost every color but somehow in the last couple of years of constantly testing new lipsticks I just forgot about how much I really loved it! When I was contacted by Jennifer at Cotton Belles about partnering with her on a post about LipSense I got really excited because I remembered how much I love this lipstick! The last several days I have worn LipSense everyday to test it out again and I still love it just as much!!

LipSense offers a beautiful color range and the way you can mix the lip colors gives you an unlimited range of colors to choose from. One of my favorite color combinations and the one I’ve been wearing and love is 1 coat of Fire ‘n Ice 1 coat of She’s Apple and 1 more coat of Fire ‘n Ice – this combination gives you a really pretty bright pink that’s perfect for summer! Jennifer at Cotton Belles is helpful and sweet if you have any questions about colors! She can advise you very easily on how to make a combination of 2 colors into exactly the shade you are looking for!!

I have put this to the test several times and it has stayed on great all day and evening even through eating meals and drinking! You may have to reapply the gloss but that is all! There is a trick though to getting it to stay on and wear the way it is supposed to, you have to apply it correctly. I have heard friends and my daughter say “I love it but it doesn’t stay and kind of balls up” that only happens if your lips are not completely clean when you apply the LipSense, I know because I have made this mistake in the past too. I always apply my lipstick last, this is because I decide on my lipstick color depending on what outfit I decide to wear for the day, so what I do is after all of my makeup is applied (sans lipstick) I pick my color and then take a makeup wipe or a wet cotton ball and clean my lips really good (they always end up with foundation and powder on them and if it is a regular lipstick I want foundation and powder under my lipstick for staying purposes but NOT with LipSense). If you moisturize your lips everyday like I do go ahead and put your lip moisturizer on them before you begin applying your makeup that way they are good and hydrated by the time you clean them with a makeup wipe or wet cotton ball. Begin application at the corner of your mouth and swipe to the opposite side. Repeat this process for the upper lip. Be sure to keep your lips apart while applying LipSense and resist the urge to press your lips together. Simply follow the natural shape of your lips. LipSense is applied by using a layering technique. Three layers is the recommended amount for maximum staying power. Let each layer set for a few seconds before proceeding to the next. Try a LipSense Highlighter or Shimmer as the third layer of color for a different look. You can create your own custom shades by layering a combination of different colors. Generously apply one of the moisturizing glosses . Once you apply the Moisturizing Gloss any tacky or tingling feeling with subside immediately. After applying the Gloss press your lips together and the beautiful color and long-lasting effect! This is the perfect lip color to wear for summer! You can wear it all day at the beach, pool or lake in or out of the water and you will not have to worry about reapplying it!

This was in the evening after wearing LipSense all day, only a fresh coat of gloss was applied before leaving to go eat
This is also after wearing all day, I have applied a fresh coat of gloss only

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