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I started using Native Deodorant about a year ago and I haven’t regretted it or even thought about going back to my old brand once. One thing that had been on my mind often before I made the change was all of the harmful ingredients I keep reading about that are in deodorants. For some reason finding out that  aluminum is an ingredient in most deodorant has bothered me the most Native Deodorant only uses natural ingredients in their deodorant such as: baking soda to neutralize odors, arrowroot powder to absorb moisture and acidophilus to eliminate odor-causing fungi, yeast, and bacteria. Read this article for more information on the harmful ingredients in deodorant.

After reading the reviews on Native Deodorant and seeing the ingredients that are used I was all for trying it. One of my favorite things this company does is they offer different scented packs for each season and holiday. I think my very favorite one was the peppermint from the Christmas collection, not only did it smell great but it also had a cool feeling when you applied it. I usually buy the sample packs that they offer because you get 3 full size deodorants. They also offer travel size deodorant in all of the scents they offer and this is really handy not just for trips but they are the perfect small size for your gym bag, purse or even car. I haven’t smelled one of them that doesn’t smell really good. Below are the scents in their Spring Collection, these last such a long time I still have so many from my last purchase that I haven’t ordered these yet but I may have to because I’m sure they smell awesome!

Use the link below to go to Native Deodorant’s website. I’ve also included a 10% off coupon with this link

Native Deodorant

Lynchee & Goji Berry
Gardenia & Orchid


Fig & Honey



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