Uncategorized Make Cleaning Your Makeup Brushes Easier With Practk May 18, 2018

This article does contain affiliate links more on that here  All Palmats are courtesy of Practk by Sigma Beauty

The one really important thing to making your makeup look good? PRETTY SKIN!  Everyone wants it and we all try really hard and are willing to try almost anything to get it.

Dirty makeup brushes can harm your skin. They contain dirt, debris, bacteria, oils, and dead skin cells. Daily use of dirty brushes can cause acne, skin irritation, rashes, bacterial or fungal skin infections, and eye infections.  The buildup of residue on a brush can also create a rough texture, which can microscopically cut, scrape, and damage your skin.

That alone is enough to make you clean your makeup brushes regularly.

But don’t forget: clean brushes perform better in terms of makeup application. When you use a brush coated in old makeup and dirt it can lead to uneven coverage, streakiness, and can alter the intended color.

Cleaning your makeup brushes is one of the most important things you can do to keep your skin looking great!

I have partnered with Practk by Sigma Beauty to show you these great Palmats for cleaning your brushes.

I can honestly say from experience that these Palmats make cleaning brushes so much easier! I clean my brushes once a week and using this Palmat cut the cleaning time in half for me, I don’t dread it like I did before.

This is what the Practk Palmat looks like when open. You can see the little ridges and bumps on it that help get the dirt and oils out of your brushes.

It also has suction cups on the bottom so that when opened flat you can stick to the bottom of your sink and it will stay in place. If you use it in the bathroom it’s designed to place the center right in front and under the drain stopper to help from sliding along with the suction cups. I chose to clean my brushes in my kitchen so I didn’t have this option.

The Palmat is also designed so that you can fold it and secure it to put on your hand for even quicker cleaning if you prefer this method.

I chose my foundation brush to show in this demonstration since it is the hardest for me to get clean, I guess since it holds so much liquid in it. It had been a week since this brush had been cleaned so it was pretty dirty.

I did have some of the Sigma brush cleaner that I used here and I really liked it. You can see all of the makeup that is coming out of the brush onto the Palmat as I swirl the brush around on it. You first wet the brush then apply cleaner to brush then swirl onto the Palmat to create a lather.

You can see here, I’ve rinsed the dirty “first lather” from the Palmat and now as I continue to swirl the brush the lather is much cleaner.

And now, I’ve rinsed the brushed and it is much cleaner. This one brush took me a very long time to clean before I received this Palmat and it never came close being this clean.

I have partnered with Practk by Sigma Beauty and will giving one lucky reader a Palmat! All you have to do is: (1) follow my blog  (2) follow my instagram account  (3) Like my latest instagram post  (4) Comment your favorite makeup brushes and tag a friend!


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