Uncategorized Summer Vacation Style May 13, 2018

This is the time of year I really start to get excited for summer! Mother’s Day, High School and College Graduation parties and graduations, the pool is finally warm enough to get in and so is the lake. Don’t get me wrong, I love it when we get that very first taste of warm weather and it’s time to bring out all of the spring clothes but when it does warm up really good it just seems like vacation time.
We spend the majority of our summer in or around the water, Louisiana is just too hot to be outside and not be in the water, so naturally when vacation is mentioned I immediately think of the beach, another reason might be that the beach is my husbands favorite place so it’s a given that we are going to the beach at least once during the summer! You won’t hear me argue about it either, I can take a book and sit on the beach all day!
The pool brings me the same amount of joy, I could easily get in the swimming pool every day. The water is so cool and relaxing and again I can float on an air mattress and read a book every day. I have to limit myself so that I am able to get the things done that I need to otherwise I will only pretend to be a mermaid during the summer. Summer seems to turn our place into vacation mode for a full three months.
On vacation, we all like to look and dress cute even for the beach, so I’ve put together a few pieces that look great on vacation and you will still get a lot of wear out of when the vacation is over and you’re back home.

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