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This is a post I have been really excited to share with y’all! Since I started just wearing my hair natural I am always researching for the best things to use on my hair to make it the as easy as possible and still give me the results I want, which is mainly no frizz and definition in my curls. There are a couple of different methods that can be used to achieve this, there is the scrunching method (which I use most) and the plopping method. I just recently tried the plopping method and I did like it, I think it will be very convenient to use if I have time to let my hair dry while I am putting my makeup on. A lot of you probably know what hair plopping is but for those of you that are like I was and didn’t know what it is, I’ll explain but first let me tell you how I discovered it.

I was on the internet looking for the best products for curly hair and I came across the Hair RePear Towel so this immediately caught my attention. This towel is a t-shirt towel made out of 100% combed cotton, I know you’re probably thinking “what” but it is like a soft smooth t-shirt (a little thicker than a regular t-shirt) but it does not have little loops or fibers like a microfiber towel or a terry cloth towel. I knew as soon as I saw it that it was exactly what would work for my hair so I ordered one right then. The more I studied about this t-shirt towel I realized it’s not just for curly hair but works great with straight hair too. It is much gentler on your hair and doesn’t cause the friction that fibers can cause which leads to damage and breakage. It also leaves your hair much shinier, which is something everyone wants.

Now on to how to plop your hair, if you have really limp hair or fine hair this method will really work well for you, but I’ve found it works well with all hair types. Here are some simple steps on how to plop your hair:

Start with freshly washed hair, wet hair


Thoroughly saturate your hair with water and add any styling products you use

Lay your Hair RePear Towel on the counter or any flat surface that you are able to bend over, I use my counter top but I have seen people use their beds

Flip your hair forward over your head so that all of your hair is in the center of the towel

Place the bottom of the towel at nape of your neck and while doing this make sure to tuck the towel around your ears to keep your hair from sliding out

Now grab each side of the towel and twist the sides up and toward the back of your head and tie them together. Just tuck in any excess towel after you tie it

Now, you can leave this on your head like this for 5 to 10 minutes just to let it begin drying or you can sleep with your hair like this and have major volume. I left it on my hair about 20 minutes and had a ton of volume when I took my towel off and it wasn’t even completely dry.

Now that I have started this Hair RePear towel I can’t use another towel on my hair, I take one with me when we travel and literally use it every day, it is the best if you scrunch hair.

This towel works really good on straight hair too though, both of my daughters have really wavy hair but insist on wearing it straight most of the time. My oldest daughter has gotten to where she wears hers wavy a good bit now but these towels are just so much easier on your hair even with straight hair you will benefit a lot. Towels are thick and of a rougher fabric so they absorb water very quickly from your hair and also cause the cuticle of the hair to ruffle leaving it frizzy. If you use a smooth soft towel on your hair it will not absorb the moisture too quickly and will leave the cuticle smooth therefore allowing the hair to retain more moisture.

My daughters love the Hair RePear Towel too this is my youngest but she won’t show her face since she doesn’t have on makeup



This is right after just wrapping my hair from the shower and scrunching with the Hair RePear Towel and using a diffuser
I normally wrap my hair straight from the shower and then apply product and scrunch it. I did like the plopping method though I think I’d use it more if my hair was longer




Hair RePear Towels

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