Uncategorized My Thoughts on Christen Dominique’s Latte Pallet May 2, 2018

Christen Dominique has become one of my very favorite makeup you tubers, not only is she beautiful but she gives great makeup tutorials that I think anyone could follow. She goes step by step through her makeup routines and gives great tips for you to use along the way. Like most makeup gurus, she has videos on several different looks so there should be one to flatter everyone.

I was very excited when I saw that she has come out with her own makeup line called “Dominique Cosmetics”. I got this pallet in and I couldn’t wait to use it, the colors are beautiful. The top row consist of 5 matte colors (all named after coffee) how cute is that? In these colors you have a good base color, some good transition colors and some colors to play around with and add depth. The bottom row has 2 shimmer colors, 1 metallic color and 2 accent colors. These colors are just beautiful, they are very pigmented, with just one swipe you can actually see color and they are very smooth feeling not chalky at all. They blend very well, I didn’t have any problem at all blending these colors. The teal and purple colors are very pretty and manage to be different while still staying in trend with the looks that are so popular right now.

I love playing around with colors and this pallet offered some wonderful neutral, brown and earth colors that managed to blend in with the teal and purple beautifully. It’s not easy to find a pallet that offers these earth colors that will go so easily with accent colors and blend together while still looking like they actually belong together. You usually get all warm earth colors in a pallet or bold bright cool colors in a pallet. Christen Dominique managed to give us a pallet that offers the warm earth tones that blends perfectly with these pops of color. The shimmer shades are beautiful and not so bright that a woman my age wonders if she should be wearing them.

Needless to say, I will be using this pallet a lot! I have had the colors on all day and have not had to touch them up at all. I didn’t have much fall out at all when applying the colors maybe just a tiny bit from the bright colors but I don’t think that can be helped.

Please excuse the bags under my eyes, I did attempt to cover them but my allergies are so bad right now it’s impossible.



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