Uncategorized New Athletic Wear – Can It Give Us The Motivation We Need? April 25, 2018

I recently decided that I had to get back in the habit of a good exercise routine, this isn’t the easiest thing to do once you’ve taken some time off from your exercise routine. There are several activities I have always loved but the past several months I have slacked off terribly. I wish I could say that I loved to run, I ran for over 2 years and I really need to start again because it is good exercise, just not my favorite! The weather is starting to get nice so I got my bike out and got it ready, bike riding has always been one of my favorites and this pretty weather really makes me want to be outside.

I love seeing all the girls that can look so cute while working out, I am not one of them. I see girls all the time look just as cute after a workout as they did before, the truth for me is, if I am going to be really working out I don’t even try because I learned that I sweat way more than the average person (I know that’s not pretty but true) so I don’t wear makeup. I could get the makeup to stay on pretty well but it would feel disgusting so why bother and my hair would be a frizzy mess, it has to be off my face! No joke, I am hot mess when working out!

I really do like cute clothes to work out in though, that is one thing I can do! I kept seeing all of the ads for Fabletics but didn’t want to commit to it because of it being a monthly thing, but then almost a year ago my oldest daughter moved to college and I think almost half of my work out wardrobe went with her. I was on the internet and saw Fabletics again and decided to give it a try, the price is really great and I needed some new clothes to work out in. I know they look really good on TV and in all the ads but I didn’t know what to expect for the price I was paying. I was very pleased when my first purchase came in and I saw not only how cute the outfit is but how well made it is, the shorts have the biker shorts built-in but they don’t ride up your leg as you run or walk and the top is the softest fabric but still keeps you cool and keeps sweat from soaking it like a t-shirt would. I am very pleased and can’t wait get another set, so yes, these cute outfits do make it just a little easier to get dressed and exercise! At least your outfit is cute and comfortable!

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