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Vincera Watch Colletive

Remember when you were in elementary school and being able to finally have your own watch was such a stepping stone in life? I still remember all of a sudden noticing that the older kids and teenagers all wore watches, and once I took notice of it I had to have one too! (Typical kid huh? I probably tell my kids, “you don’t need it just because everyone else has one!” HAHA) But….when you’re that age and it is a symbol of making you feel like and older kid, it means everything! I remember when I was in elementary/jr high school it was all about the Swatch watch! I had the best Swatch, it was a translucent purple color with a pink face! LOL

Time moves on though (see what I did there), and we grow up and move into a different stage of life, the adult one. For many of us watches are ultimately an accent or accessory to our style. Many younger people have begun to rely on their cell phones to keep up time, thinking this is a good idea because they always have their phones with them. While this is true, it’s not always a good idea. While time management is important to everyone and I think everyone will appreciate others concerns for staying on schedule a phone is not the best way to track your time in most situations. In job interviews or business meetings, any meeting for that fact, it is rude to pull out your phone to check the time, you know what you’re doing but others will not, they might think you are unconcerned with what is going on or more interested in what is on your phone. A nice watch offers a discreet way for you to keep up with your time schedule while not offending anyone.

There are so many different watch styles for different occasions that it can also be important to pair up the right style watch with the style of clothing you are wearing. In most businesses and even most situations there are benefits to having an elegant style. Wearing a dress watch with a metal band or a leather band can definitely add elegance to a look. A really popular watch right now is the Apple watch and all of the exercise tracking watches that are on the market today, these are great devices and look great with any style of athleisure wear or work out wear they wouldn’t be appropriate with a business suit or a really nice dress or dressy outfit of any kind. I love a leather band watch for a man in a business suit because it still looks very nice with jeans and a nice shirt. Even though I’m very particle to metal bands because I love a gold or rose gold watch I also love a leather band watch with my jeans and button down or t-shirt with a nice belt.

I can’t go without wearing my watch, I just feel naked without it and I have found a brand that I absolutely love! Vincera Collective Watches are beautiful and won’t break the bank to own, you might even want a couple for different outfits, I know I do! My son graduates from college in a few months and he has already picked out a beautiful one with a brown leather band and black face with gold trim. I promise you can’t go wrong with one of these watches.

Thank You To Vincera Collective Watches For This Collaboration. Item Was Gifted. All Thoughts And Opinions Are My Own.

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