Beauty Naturally Curly Hair January 10, 2018

BeautyIMG_E3480Lately I have decided to wear my hair natural, something I’ve never done before! After seeing so many people I follow on Instagram go “natural” I decided to give it a try, and I found some products that have made it so much easier!
I won’t lie when I was in high school I was always so jealous of my two best friends, they would wake up after sleepovers and their hair would just fall absolutely straight, mine was all over my head! I mean standing up everywhere!! In junior high it was absolutely humiliating! Then on to high school and college in the 90’s when everyone wanted straight shiny hair, I tried so hard with no luck. Living in Louisiana with all of this humidity doesn’t make it easy for keeping hairstyles, I always say that’s why I became a cosmetolegist along with my love for hair and makeup I was always working on mine! I’m still trying to convince both of my daughters that it is just easier to let it go wavy with the right products.
So, back to products the first miracle products for curly hair I discovered Deva Curl, I was very skeptical at first (I have been in the hair business over 20 years) but I decided to give it a shot and I’m glad I did! I started with the Deva Curl low poo shampoo and Deva Curl Original conditioner delight, I also got the Deva Curl set it free and The Curl Maker Super Cream.  These worked great and kept the frizz out of my hair, as a matter of fact they worked so well I ordered the Deva Dryer that has a really neat diffuser that is shaped like hand so it fits really great against your head and allows you to dry close to your scalp without getting too hot. I also like the Deva Curl flexible hold hair spray.
The next product I discovered that has worked really well for me is AG hair products. I really love this brand! So far I’ve only tried a few of these products but I can’t wait to try more! I love the dry lift, this will give you lift anywhere you need it and is not greasy at all as a matter of fact it absorbs grease from your scalp and it only takes a very small amount, next is the curl trigger, very similar to the Curl Deva set it free it is great to spray on your curls to get them to form really pretty even the day after your original styling, last is called Big Wig and that’s exactly what it does! spray close to the root of your hair anywhere you are wanting volume, and I don’t use all of these at the same time but switch up just depending on what I’m wanting.
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